Easter Services

During Holy Week (April 18-23) the congregations of Christ Church, Lively and St. John the Divine, Copper Cliff, along with all the churches in the Deanery, will be sharing in the celebrations and services for that special week of approach to Easter.  On April 21 (Maundy Thursday) a service of Holy Communion will be held at the Church of St. John the Divine in Copper Cliff at 7 pm.  This service remembers the "Last Supper" which actually marked the inaguration of our practice of gathering around the table for Holy Communion.  We recall that Jesus gave his disciples a new commandment - that they love one another as Jesus loved them.  This love was to mark them as Jesus' disciples.  On April 22 (Good Friday) a service will be held at Christ Church in Lively at 10 am.  This service marks the event surrounding and including the crucifxion of Jesus.  It is called Good because of the effectst of Jesus' sacrifice on our relationship with God.  On April 23 (Holy Saturday) the Deanery Churches are invited to gather at the Church of the Epiphany for the Easter Vigil at 8 pm.  This service marks the lighting of the new flame which lights our Easter journey.

Easter Sunday morning will see the congregations once again gathering in their accustomed buildings with the congregation in Lively  meeting at 9 am and the congregation in Copper Cliff meeting at 11 am.  The celebration of Easter is the most important festival in the Church's year and we pray that everyone will make an effort to assemble.

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